For Coaching Business owners that want to Scale!
Learn my SIMPLE 3 step system to take Ideal Clients from COLD to SOLD in 3 days!
Join us Oct 30th - Nov 1st @ 12pm CT / 1pm ET
If Taking your Ideal Clients from COLD to SOLD in 3 days Sounds incredible For Your Business... Then You MUST Attend This LIVE TRAINING!
In this 3-Day Live Training, you will learn...
The entire step by step “scale with sprints” system I’m still using today that scaled my business from 0 to 6 figures and now multiple 7.
The exact journey your ideal client NEEDS in order to go from COLD to BUYING CLIENTS (they ask to buy instead of your SELLING!)
The fastest route to providing groundbreaking transformations for your clients (HINT: No other formula works quite like this does) and create raving fans that sell FOR you!
Ready to break up with hard, outdated, and time consuming launch models like CHALLENGES and SUMMITS that feel like Sleazy Selling?
Join us Oct 30th - Nov 1st @ 12pm CT / 1pm ET
Raise Your Hand If You’ve Ever Thought …
  • Where do I find clients – ones who are ready and willing to pay for my coaching? 
  • How do I get clients if I HATE SELLING?
  • Challenges & Summits - heck - Launching is HARD - there has to be an easier way
  • ​HOW do I build a coaching business with consistent clients & revenue every month??
This training answers how to do just that & SIMPLY SCALE with SPRINTS! 
This Is PERFECT For You If You Want ANY Of The Following:
  • A “Fail-proof” way to Create SOLD OUT Coaching Programs that practically doubles your client base, requires virtually zero “selling”, and works perfectly for coaches who want to stay focused on coaching their clients instead of marketing all day…
  • Help in structuring an irresistible coaching program that can take you from the “average” side-hustling coach to a full-time recognized coach with clients lined up and ready to enroll in no time at all.
  • More confidence to charge what your coaching is worth from now on (no matter what niche you’re in and even if you don’t have any clients yet!)
  • ​A proven coaching model that gives clients consistent brain-based breakthroughs every time you coach them without relying on motivational talks or tricky language patterns ever again!​​​​​
I can't wait for you to learn exactly how I help ideal clients go from COLD to Buying Clients in just 3 days! 
Join us Oct 30th - Nov 1st @ 12pm CT / 1pm ET
Meet Dr. Shannon Irvine
Dr. Shannon Irvine is a High Achievement Mentor, Host of the Epic Success Podcast and PhD. in Neuro-Psychology. 

Creator of the SINC Neuro Coach Model™, 67 Day year program, and founder of Mosaic Vision, a non-profit organization, Dr. Shannon has built several 7-figure companies and has coached thousands of entrepreneurs to find their calling, transform their lives, and create hugely profitable businesses.

She helps entrepreneurs like you use the power of neuroscience to flip their brains success switch ON, automate their success & master your thinking so you can scale your business.
Dr. Shannon has been featured on Achieve your Goals Podcast with Hal Elrod, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, Mind Your Business with James Wedmore, The Angie Lee show, shared her expertise on The ONE Thing podcast with Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan, and has spoken about rewiring your brain for automated productivity and massive success on over 40 stages worldwide.