The NeuroCoaching Certification™ 
takes you from Transformation to  
Learning the NeuroCoaching Model™ to 
Mastery to Monetization. 

Are you a coach?
Do you want to become a coach?

If you're a coach, I know you're ready to become the go-to leader in your niche. You want people think of YOU when they make the decision to hire a coach. You also want lasting transformation for your clients and to create raving fans that make it easy to sell out your group coaching programs.

If you aren't a coach YET, then you'll want to learn how to become a coach the right way so that you don't leave your clients with lackluster results. You'll want to learn the
transformational, brain-based, neuroscience-backed NeuroCoaching model™, so that YOUR CLIENTS get the results they want, and YOU build a profitable coaching business.

The NeuroCoaching certification™ is unrivaled in the coaching industry and is the ONLY certification you need to create lasting transformation for your clients.

With this certification, you'll finally discover what it is like to get amazing results for your clients, each and every time. 

You'll be able to completely sell out your coaching programs, and raise your prices to fall in line with your premium offer.

You will learn how to get consistent breakthrough results with your clients so you can finally feel what it's like to have raving fans and ongoing referrals. How amazing will it be when your clients SELL your coaching FOR YOU because they can’t stop telling others about the powerful, life changing difference your coaching made for them?! 

On this exclusive info session, I answer:

What is the NeuroCoaching Model?
What is the NeuroCoaching Model™?
What is the NeuroCoaching Model?
What is the NeuroCoaching Certification™ Program?
What is the NeuroCoaching Model?
What do I get when I join the NeuroCoaching Certification™ Program?
What is the NeuroCoaching Model?
What are the next steps I need to take?

 Are you ready to create lasting transformation for your clients?

Here's what our Certified NeuroCoaches™ have to say...

"The NeuroCoaching Certification™️ has helped me connect better with my audiences, I’m getting more breakthroughs for my one-on-one clients, and I’m getting more referrals - more speaking engagements, more workshop engagements, more one-on-one clients."

~ Angela W. Stillwell

Transformation Coach

The NeuroCoaching certification ™️ has upleveled me twice. I have experienced what happens to our brains when we uplevel...and it’s helped me deliver high-level transformational work for every single one of my clients."

~ Julia Black

Education Changemaker

"I now have the confidence to do Live coaching in front of thousands without knowing the issue the person will bring to me AND do sales calls with strangers."

~ Laurie Wright

Life & Health Coach

"I’ve been able to generate over $11,000
in my business in a short amount of
time, just using Dr. Shannon’s NeuroCoaching Model ™️"

~ Porsche Parcher

Travel Industry

Meet Dr. Shannon Irvine

Dr. Shannon Irvine is an entrepreneur, featured speaker, Doctor of Neuropsychology and host of The Epic Success Podcast (iTunes Top 25 Business podcast).
Back in 2000, Dr. Shannon was what she calls a "stressed success." Her business was chugging along, earning 6-figures, but she was hustling so hard she didn't have time for anything else. She tackled the problem head-on (literally!), earning a PhD in Neuropsychology and applying the brain-based, science-backed mindset hacks she learned to her own business.
Before long, she'd hit 7-figures, launched her podcast, and helped her clients create similar successes. She now shows frustrated entrepreneurs how to rewire their brain to achieve their epic, audacious goals.
Dr. Shannon has been featured in Forbes as well as on the Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas, Achieve your Goals Podcast with Hal Elrod, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, Mind Your Business with James Wedmore, The Angie Lee show, The ONE Thing podcast with Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan, and has spoken on over 40 stages worldwide.

More incredible results from our Certified NeuroCoaches™

"I’m so thrilled that with the NeuroCoaching Certification™️ I’m now equipped
to help many women who have struggled with feelings of unworthiness, insecurity,
lack of confidence...things that I also struggled with."

~ Miki Sturges

Life &  Wellness Coach

"I have been able to stop the hours of research prior to each call because I
 have the tools and knowledge to
coach my clients effectively."

~ Kelly West

Wellness Coach

 "I can step into my business now and know who I’m serving, why I’m serving them, and ultimately what the vision and mission is, which is so incredibly exciting."

~ Jessica Midkiff

Health Coach

"Because of the NeuroCoaching Certification™️ I’ve started to open up to
more confidence and opportunities…
Before, I might give you a list of reasons
as to why I couldn’t go to a networking
event. Now I can’t wait to go!"

~ Gina Gonzalez

Life & Health Coach

"The NeuroCoaching Certification™️ taught me that my limitations will
not stop me from becoming a better person… It makes my heart sing to
feel this good about the people
that I help around me."

~ Beryl Hedger

Wedding Industry

"Dr. Shannon took us through the NeuroCoaching Model™️ transformation ourselves, which was phenomenal because we needed to experience
it firsthand. And for me, that transformation was really understanding from a deep level...that I am enough."

~ Alicia Michelle

Life Coach

"With the help and the Neurocoaching Certification ™️ of Dr. Shannon and
the amazing tribe of the community
of other NeuroCoaches, I was able
to break through my barriers."

~ Tracy Hill

Health Coach

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