Until Epic Success Accelerator launches again, I want to make sure you’re set up with tools that will help you erase what’s keeping you stuck and FINALLY have the clients, sales, and impact that match your vision.
So, I’m offering the Epic Success Self-Study Program (worth $5,997) for just $197 today!

When You Purchase the Epic Success Self-Study, You'll Have Access To All 5 Brain-Training Phases - complete with cutting-edge videos, tools & resources:

We start off with “ACTIVATE” a supercharged experience – which is like pouring gas on your vision, goals and dreams..
  • Gain the Momentum you need to take massive action in your business with confidence and clear vision
  • Create your 90-Day Success Plan
  • Dive into the 4 core steps of the brain based Success Formula for Rapid Accelerated Results
You’ll CLARIFY how to wire your brain for success. You’ll discover…
  • How to identify your old, limiting thoughts and beliefs so you can set them aside permanently.
  • A repeatable strategy for accomplishing any-sized goal, including becoming a $200K entrepreneur and even shattering the 7-Figure Ceiling.
  • ​The methods for transforming personal and professional goals into actionable plans, not just dreams.
  • ​How to outsource the right pieces of your goals to make achieving them even easier.
We will be kicking to the curb the beliefs and thoughts that have been keeping your foot on the brake (without your permission.) 
In this phase, you’ll learn…
  • The core brain-based strategies for achieving success, so you can finally have the life you desire.
  • How to erase and eliminate the limiting beliefs that are holding you back today (this is how you come out on the other side optimized and ready to flip the success switch).
  • The proven process to rewire your mindset so you can be successful in all you do.
Within this step, you’ll discover the proven strategy to clearing your pathway for success. You’ll find out…
  • How to optimize your business & life planning framework in a way that turns your Epic, Audacious Goal into a compass – allowing you to systematically achieve your dreams in all areas of your life.
  • ​Automate your thoughts on an entirely new level, so you can keep rising and creating whatever you want.
  • ​Which steps and tasks in your business to outsource and automate, so you make progress without expending extra effort.
You’ll discover how to scale your success and ensure you see long-lasting results when you…
  • Map out your future using key action items and an abundant achievement mindset.
  • ​Determine a time frame for your accomplishments that makes sense for you.
  • ​Put your upgraded mindset to work continuously refining the way you think so it can support you as you grow.
  • ​How to harness the power of your new mindset, the science of neurology, and the expertise of other high-level entrepreneurs to ensure your action steps succeed—not just once, but over and over.
Get the Epic Success Self-Study Program (worth $5,997) for just $197 today!

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Meet Dr. Shannon Irvine
Dr. Shannon Irvine is an entrepreneur, featured speaker, Doctor of Neuropsychology, former restaurateur and NFL cheerleader (yes, for realz), and host of The Epic Success Podcast (iTunes Top 25 Business podcast).
Dr. Shannon has helped 238,931+ coaches, creators & entrepreneurs remove limiting beliefs and train their brains to work with them instead of against them. She’s also been featured in Forbes as well as Achieve your Goals Podcast with Hal Elrod, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, EOFIRE, Mind Your Business with James Wedmore, and has spoken on over 40 stages worldwide.

When Dr. Shannon’s not geeking out on the brain and talking neuroscience, you’ll find her on the beach or hiking with her family, out to eat at some “foodie” place or dancing at her salsa class.. And possibly blasting her favorite pump-up song, 🎶 On The Floor 🎶 by J.Lo. 
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