Most coaches make the mistake of thinking they can just interrupt a pattern or use language to motivate their clients... but unless you change their hardwired brain-based beliefs and patterns of thinking, your results for them will stay inconsistent. 
AND because the results are inconsistent - the testimonials that sell your coaching will be too - making it a struggle to sell your coaching to new clients.
What most coaches don’t realize is that they are working AGAINST the way the brain is wired to get results. 
It is like pushing a boulder up a hill - you can do it for a short time with all your effort, but after a short time your arms give out, you can’t keep pushing, and the boulder comes crashing down the hill only to end up right where it started….

You can get small wins, but as soon as “gravity” kicks in, you're back at the start…. 

Actually worse, because you can’t out-coach the brain’s programming and the client ends up back where they started - and they become frustrated with themselves AND now begin to doubt you... 
And look...It’s not your fault!

You didn’t know the way the brain programs old belief patterns, results and success pathways. What you need to know is how to rewire them with the NeuroCoaching Model™.
The fact is if you are NOT learning and implementing this coaching model - your coaching could be doing more harm than good, making your client's confidence take a big hit when the same situation comes back for them as an even bigger block. 

If you are spending your time coaching solely on instinct or using an emotion-based coaching without having the brain-based methods to get true transformation, it could cost your months, maybe years of replacing clients. 

Because the results are changing a specific situation, but not deeply changing the way their brain has hardwired a faulty belief pattern - they will keep repeating those patterns again and again. 

You cannot out-hustle or out-coach the subconscious - it NEEDS to be rewired. 

How many times do you want to interrupt their “patterns” and give partial results, instead of deep lifetime results that comes from a brain-based neuro-coaching model?

If you are serious about getting results for your coaching clients and growing your coaching business - you have to make a choice...
You can keep coaching the same way, working real hard with little to show for it OR you can start your NeuroCoaching Certification™
With this Certification, you'll finally discover what it is like to get amazing results for your clients each and every time - selling out your coaching programs, where your only problem isn’t results, but how high to raise your prices .

You will learn how to get consistent breakthrough results with your clients so you can finally feel what it's like to have raving fans of your coaching. 

Your clients will SELL your coaching FOR YOU because they can’t stop telling others about the powerful and life changing difference your coaching made for them. 
Imagine what it feels like to have a fully sold-out coaching program (and a waiting list of future clients) because you are making a massive impact and FINALLY having the time & freedom to do whatever you want. 
That is why you started coaching to begin with, right? 
To make an impact in people's lives and to have freedom in yours? 

It is pretty straightforward to get results when you are using a brain based model.
If you’re the type of coach that really wants those type of client successes - then the proven neuro-coaching model certification is what has been missing. 

So, if you agree that getting consistent brain-based results is what you need in order to build a successful coaching business, then let’s get you started on the application process. 

And by applying to be one of the 10 invited to this 12 month certification program (including the in-person event), I know you're the type of coach who is willing to invest in themselves and their business and make a massive impact for your clients.

Here's what our Certified NeuroCoaches™ have to say...

"The NeuroCoaching Certification™️ has helped me connect better with my audiences,
I’m getting more breakthroughs for my one-on-one clients, and I’m getting more referrals -
more speaking engagements, more workshop engagements, more one-on-one clients."

~ Angela W. Stillwell

Transformation Coach

"The NeuroCoaching certification ™️
has upleveled me twice. I have
experienced what happens to our brains when we uplevel...and it’s helped me
deliver high-level transformational work
for every single one of my clients."

~ Julia Black

Education Changemaker

"I now have the confidence to do Live coaching in front of thousands without knowing the issue the person will bring to me AND do sales calls with strangers."

~ Laurie Wright

Life & Health Coach

"I’ve been able to generate over $11,000 
in my business in a short amount of 
time, just using Dr. Shannon’s NeuroCoaching Model ™️"

~ Porsche Parcher

Travel Industry

What is the NeuroCoaching Certification™?
  • 12 month Master NeuroCoaching Certification™️ Program
  • ​Highly engaged & supportive community
  • ​Curriculum calls 
  • ​Application calls
  • ​Live coaching 
  • ​Mastermind & Training ‘Hotseat’ style Zoom Calls
  • ​Accountability check-ins & Worksheets
  • ​Quizzes throughout to track your progress
  • ​Practicum Practice Sessions to implement your knowledge
  • ​Final Exams for Standard Certification & Master Certification
  • ​Standard & Master NeuroCoaching Certification™ Seals
  • ​Program Manual mailed to you & available for download
  • ​Mastermind of Highly engaged leading coaches 
  • ​Live Event in San Diego, California (Recordings will be available)
  • ​Plus more….
The NeuroCoaching Certification™ takes you from 
Learning the NeuroCoaching Model™ to Mastery to Monetization.
What are the next steps?
  • Step 1 — Click the link below to fill out your application. 
  • Step 2 — Once you submit your application, you'll be invited to schedule your 1:1 Qualification Call with a member of our NeuroCoaching™ Team.
  • Step 3 — At the end of your 1:1 Qualification Call, if accepted, you will get all set up to be in a select group to become NeuroCoach Certified™️!
  • ​Step 4— Get ready to become one of the most highly sought-after coaches in your niche and have sold out programs!
What is the investment?
The NeuroCoaching Certification™  tuition is $1297 per month

This NeuroCoaching Certification™ is unrivaled in the industry and is
THE certification you need to create lasting change for your clients.

 Click below to apply

More incredible results from our Certified NeuroCoaches™

"I’m so thrilled that with the NeuroCoaching Certification™️ I’m now equipped
to help many women who have struggled with feelings of unworthiness, insecurity,
lack of confidence...things that I also struggled with."

~ Miki Sturges

Life &  Wellness Coach

 "I have been able to stop the hours of research prior to each call because I
 have the tools and knowledge to
coach my clients effectively."

~ Kelly West

Wellness Coach

 "I can step into my business now and know who I’m serving, why I’m serving them, and ultimately what the vision and mission is, which is so incredibly exciting."

~ Jessica Midkiff

Health Coach

"Because of the NeuroCoaching Certification™️ I’ve started to open up to
more confidence and opportunities…
Before, I might give you a list of reasons
as to why I couldn’t go to a networking
event. Now I can’t wait to go!

~ Gina Gonzalez

Life & Health Coach

"The NeuroCoaching Certification™️
taught me that my limitations will
not stop me from becoming a better
person… It makes my heart sing to
feel this good about the people
that I help around me."

~ Beryl Hedger

Wedding Industry

"Dr. Shannon took us through the NeuroCoaching Model™️ transformation ourselves, which was phenomenal
because we needed to experience
it firsthand. And for me, that transformation was really understanding from
a deep level...that I am enough."

~ Alicia Michelle

Life Coach

"With the help and the Neurocoaching Certification ™️ of Dr. Shannon and
the amazing tribe of the community
of other NeuroCoaches, I was able
to break through my barriers."

~ Tracy Hill

Health Coach